Thursday, July 2, 2015


So, my sister-in-law is a PRO Blogger, and I love what she did in the past for her babies. Which was a month-by-month post, charting the progress of her children. So here is Liam's progress for his first 6 months:

By 1 month:
-You were going to your first swim meet. All of Mommy and Daddy’s friends wanted to hold you and love on you.
-You were going to church and looking good.

-You took your first bath.

-And you loved napping!

By 2 months:
-Showed your first smile!
-Loved chewing and sucking on fingers!
-Had your first cold.

-Slept through the night for the first time.
-You were blessed into the LDS church.

By 3 months:
-You started enjoying tummy time.
-Laughed for the first time!

-You started cooing and babbling.

By 4 months:
-You started scooting and moving.
-You sat in your Bumbo! But only liked it for about 5 minutes at a time.

-You started chewing on your toes.
-And you started grabbing faces.
-You also swam for the first time.

By 5 months:
-You took your first REAL bath... and you LOVE it.

-You got to visit Baga for the first time!
-You also rolled over for the first time!
-You went on your first vacation! Isle of Palms, SC! Which meant your first time at the beach. You weren't a very big fan of the sand.

-Had the biggest, most memorable blowout ever!!! And it was all over daddy! It required the use of an entire family size bathroom to clean it up.

-You "ate” rice cereal and baby food for the first time.
-And you used your jumper for the first time…and LOVED it. It is by far your favorite toy.

By 6 months:
-You sat in the front of a shopping cart for the first time. But only for about 10 minutes.
-You started giving “kisses.” Which meant shoving your mouth on mommy's cheek. But they are the best kisses ever.

-You had a small surgery on your “little boy parts.” You were a champ the entire way through. And you were much tougher than mommy was…

-You started taking DVDs off the bottom shelf. Time to baby-proof the apartment!
-You met Missy Franklin. She’s your new girlfriend. J

-You decided that you LOVED rice cereal oatmeal and baby food!
-You also decided that you REALLY loved swimming. Especially with Daddy.

-You started communicating with mommy and daddy.
-And you had your first hair cut!

We love you, Liam! You are the best thing that has ever happened to us! Happy 6 months!

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